Velocity Magazine talks with Chris Dyson

David Taylor of Velocity Magazine catches up with Chris Dyson and talk architecture and bikes:

‘[…] we’re involved in designing civic buildings a bit more than we were, and mixed-used office buildings and things – it makes you more aware of providing decent facilities for cyclists. It has always been something; I now think of them with a passion. When it comes to designing an office building, for example, it’s nice to make the cyclists’ entrance the same entrance as everybody’s entrance. They don’t come down a ramp and in through the back door, they come through the same entrance. Why not? You know, this is how we all travel. You know, a lot of us travel in dense cities now.  So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing Lycra or a suit: you should be able to enter the building the same way. ‘

Chris Dyson 


Read the entire interview here: Velocity Magazine – Chris Dyson Interview

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