Be-Spoke Podcast – Creating a Destination: Bishopsgate Goodsyard

Be-Spoke, a Woven Spaces podcast, explores the compelling stories behind commissioned objects and experiences, from a tailor-made suit to a landmark destination. Bringing together creative minds in conversation, it looks at why people commission and what to expect on this rich and rewarding journey.

Their third series examines the fascinating intersection of architecture, urban planning, and design. It explores how these elements come together to shape our everyday experience of the world around us.

EPISODE THREE – Creating a Destination: Bishopsgate Goodsyard with Chris Dyson, Chris Dyson Architects & Nicola Zech-Behrens, Ballymore

“Bishopsgate Goodsyard is between creative Shoreditch, the buzzing Brick Lane and the grown up city… the challenge will be to bring these different areas together and create a destination in its own right, whilst retaining its existing fabric and authenticity.”

“As the largest remaining parcel of brownfield land in London, Bishopsgate Goodsyard enjoys a rich layered history and is known for its distinctive Victorian industrial architecture. The area has long been a crucible for lateral thinking and new ideas; connecting a diverse tapestry of communities, it is a seam that runs through the creative and financial districts of Shoreditch.”


The episode can be listened to on Spotify now:

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