D Lonsdale

Chris Dyson Architects have been engaged by me on several projects.

The most recent is Clapham Road and Sekforde Arms. In both cases, the firm showed considerable ingenuity in saving money and completing the projects well within my budget.

Clapham Road involved adding two storeys to a building opposite Stockwell underground station and thereby creating 5 additional flats. The two additional storeys consisted of prefabricated insulated lightweight panels which were delivered at the crack of dawn. This innovation proved much quicker, easier and cheaper than conventional bricklaying and just as resilient and attractive. The flats were let very quickly after construction.

The Sekforde was a remarkable project of restoration and development which won two RIBA awards, was shortlisted for a Civic Trust award (the only pub in the country) and is one of two pubs that have been highly commended by CAMRA for the quality of the refurbishment. Chris Dyson saved a great deal of money by identifying the appropriately skilled contractors to assist and finding the correct historical materials.

This is a firm of the highest order – brilliant, knowledgeable, hardworking, fair, completely honest, unflappable and good humoured. I intend to instruct them again soon.


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