L Hill

We hired Chris Dyson Architects (CDA) to design our new build private residence. The team have been professional, creative, and diligent in their approach.

We came to the team with a tight budget, high design aspirations, a difficult site, and a challenging planning environment. They have dealt with and responded to each with alacrity and intelligence.

During the design phase we had to undertake a series of pivots to comply with local planning guidelines. CDA developed alternatives that synthesised our core needs with the external environment to in the end deliver a robust and thoughtful design with which we are very pleased.

Complementing their design chops is their political/administrative nous. Their interactions with the myriad players/interests involved in developing a building have been exceptional. We feel that their efforts have smoothed and lightened what could have been a frustrating process had it have been handled by another less qualified organisation.

We lucked out having CDA as a partner and highly recommend them to anyone looking for an architect with whom to work.


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