Lydia Lee

Chris Dyson [Architects] has been working as part of a multi-disciplinary team delivering improvement projects throughout Crystal Palace Park. As part of this they have led on the new park cafe. Their approach to the design of the cafe was extremely well considered and took into consideration the historic landscape, connections and views, as well as improved access to the dinosaur lakeside. They supported us through the planning permission process, and have worked constructively and pragmatically with the works contractor.

Cost control was a priority for Bromley, and Chris Dyson ensured that the building worked hard to bring the scheme within budget. They adopted a pro-active approach to cost analysis and material selection, and had a good awareness of the cost implications of design decisions.

Their understanding of the builder’s requirements has resulted in a great space for park visitors and the local community, enabling the cafe to contribute to the park’s future sustainability. The building is a beacon in the landscape and their approach to design and materiality has resulted in a building that is not only handsome, but sets the quality standard for future capital works within the park.


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