Lunch and learn with Chris Dyson

Join us for lunch and a talk

An afternoon for architecture and interior enthusiasts, join us at Benk + Bo on the 9th November for a day of lunching and learning in collaboration with the Modern House.

The event will kick off with an inspiring talk from esteemed local architect, Chris Dyson, followed by a delicious three-course lunch provided by our in-house catering team.

Please visit the official event page.

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Benk + Bo, located just around the corner, is a unique events and co-working space set over three beautifully-designed floors. The name meaning ‘workbench’ and ‘a place to live’ in Norwegian is a nod to the founder’s native country, as are the carefully curated interiors.

The Modern House is an estate agency that helps people live in more thoughtful and beautiful ways.

They believe in design as a powerful force for good – from personal factors such as wealth and wellbeing to more macro themes including community, place-making and architectural preservation.

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