Safron Walden as case study on Barbour product search

Our Safron Walden project was used as a case study

‘Chris Dyson Architects were commissioned to transform the 1960s house from being drab and box-like into a fresh and contemporary looking home.

The entire building was redesigned and wrapped in Tudor’s red ‘Medium Antique’ clay plain tiles, using their natural time weathered appearance and subtle variations of tone and texture to create a bold modern home.

By hanging the tiles vertically as cladding, the architects not only covered the aesthetic inconsistencies in the underlying brickwork, but also provided extra protection against wet weather conditions and direct sunlight as well as adding to the thermal insulation.’

Chris Dyson: “Tudor’s tile cladding pulled the new and existing elements of the building together, whilst also presenting something entirely unique and fitting within its suburban context.”

Read the full feature here .

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